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5 Cities to Visit in the Algarve

You are sitting down to plan your next vacation and of course, you want it to be special. Well, every year, almost 10 million people visit the Algarve region of Portugal. It is the southernmost region of Portugal. It is known for its beaches and golf but offers so much more. A rich and well-preserved history that spans centuries with Moorish castles and Gothic churches dotting the countryside. It has an exquisite cuisine that draws foodies from around the world and abundant high quality local wines to wash it down. Team that with the wonderful Mediterranean climate and a vast array of accommodations from traditional guesthouses to five-star resort hotels in Algarve and you have the makings of a memorable trip. Here are five cities to visit in the Algarve.


Flights to Faro Airport are available through many of Europe’s discount carriers. At 65,000 inhabitants, Faro has many of the amenities that the smaller towns in the region do not. Its center is a historic old town with layers of history dating back to the Romans. The chief landmarks are the Gothic Cathedral and the Estoi Palace with its stately gardens. It also has a vibrant nightlife helped along by the 8,000 students who study at the University of Algarve. The nearby islands, including the islands of Ilha de Faro and Ilha da Barreta, have great beaches in a protected environment. The Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is considered one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal and is only four miles from downtown. The park preserves the coastline lagoon with its system of marshes that are home to a vast array of wildlife. Follow this link to book your taxis from Faro airport to any location in the Algarve.


Lagos is where you want to go to kick up your heels and live a little. It is one of the most visited cities in Portugal. Situated near the western corner of the region on the Bensafrim river, Lagos has become the stomping ground of the continent’s rich and famous. If you are looking for a five-star experience, then Lagos is for you. The original town dates back 2000 years and was a center for Prince Henry’s maritime adventures. The wealth that Henry’s excursions to the New World brought home is exhibited in the city’s 17th Century churches and palaces. Today, it is also home to luxury resorts and high-end restaurants that take advantage of the areas fantastic beaches. It is also home to one of Europe’s top night life locations. Also, visitors find a vast arrays of water sports and activities waiting for them. Follow this link to book your airport taxis to Lagos.


Situated in the east of the Algarve region on the Rio Gilao, Tavira is a small romantic village of 26,000. The history that characterizes the region can be seen everywhere in the town. An old arched bridge that predates the Romans runs through the center of town over the Rio Gilao. An old Moorish castle overlooks the town, while the churches exhibit a mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. It is a wonderful place to wander around for a day or a week, or for launching day trips to the surrounding agricultural area. Unlike some parts of the western region, there are many reasonable priced guesthouses around the town for the budget traveler. Only a short hike of two miles from town is a wonderful beach, Ilha de Tavira. Follow this link to book your airport taxis to Tavira.


For those who don’t wish to while away their time on the beach, might be drawn to Loule. Centrally located in Algarve, Loule is a gateway to the mountains in the north of the region. Loule dates back to the Romans and was a center of Moorish culture. Its old quarter is well preserved and is also a center for artisan goods. The small university in town makes Loule livelier than most of the inland towns and it is the home to a festive Carnival celebration and FestivalMed, an annual music festival. Another festival at the end of summer is Noite Branca, the White Night Festival. Locals and tourists, all wearing white, celebrate with music, dance and pageantry. Also, take time to visit some of the small villages north of Loule like Salir with its castle or Alte. Book your taxis to Loule here.


The small village of Sagres sets atop wind-swept cliffs at what seems to be the end of the world, and therein lies its charm. This laid-back town with cobblestone streets, lined with wonderful cafés is the perfect get-away-from-it-all destination. Plus, it is the gateway to some of the finest beaches in the region. These beaches also offer great surfing, lending to it a care-free atmosphere. The area around town makes for some great day trips. There are several old forts within walking distance of town that provide breathtaking views. Heading north along the region’s western coast, you’ll encounter the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. There are a number of species of flora found only within the park, as well as 200 species of birds including Portugal’s last remaining ospreys. Faroairporttaxis.co.uk can also drive you to Sagres, follow this link to book your taxis to Sagres.

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