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Algarve Portugal Airport – Faro Airport

If you are looking to enjoy a late summer holiday in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal, you will of course want to acquaint yourself with the very first location that you will encounter upon arriving, the Algarve Portugal Airport – Faro Airport. Being named as one of the most enjoyable airport experiences in the world several times, it has been a popular point of entry for those who choose to visit the region for business or pleasure since it opened in 1965. Of course, a lot has changed in the years since Faro received its first travelers seeking sun and fun in Algarve, but one thing has not, Faro is a great airport that is a true pleasure to fly into whatever your reasons for visiting the area.

The Algarve region is quite popular for UK tourists who choose to take a holiday there and enjoy the pleasant climate, the picture-perfect coastline, and the white pristine beaches. The close proximity to the UK makes the Algarve an excellent choice for those who want to have a coastal vacation without the time and expense of heading to the Mediterranean. The airport is known by several names, but is most commonly noted as Algarve Portugal Airport – Faro Airport. You may also hear or see the airport referenced as the Faro – Algarve Aerodrome, or just Faro International.

The terminal is a very easy to navigate single story that offers a concourse level with a wide variety of dining establishments. While it is true that this airport does not offer all of the amenities and luxury that some of the largest airports located near Europe’s bigger cities, there is a certain intimacy about it that makes it feel just right. Don’t be mistaken, Faro Airport can easily accommodate even the highest surge of travelers that come in the spring and summer holiday season.

The terminal features a centralized food court, several retail shops, and some thoughtful touches that make traveling through easier such as charging stations for mobile devices, Wi-Fi, an abundance of comfortable seating, lots of arrival and departure boards everywhere you look, and several airport information kiosks. The passenger greeting and entry/exit area is located in the center of the terminal, with arrivals at one end of the buildings and departures at the other. There are eateries and shops located both inside and outside of the security zone for convenience. The security zone is large and roomy with professional and friendly security staffers that genuinely seem interested in helping you get to your flight with the minimum of hassle. The terminal also features a medical facility, two VIP lounges, and an on-site currency exchange.

One of the pleasures that you can enjoy at Faro compared to other airports you may have travelled through is that all airport customer service staff are fluent in English. This is due to the fact that English is in fact Portugal’s secondary official language and is taught in the school system. While it may not seem like a big deal to some, anyone who has ever had to deal with an airport agent who had only recently learned English as a second language will appreciate the convenience this can afford.

Faro serves not only as an entry point into the popular Algarve region, but it is also the main transportation entry point for all of southern Portugal. The airport serves not only vacationing travelers, but also business travelers visiting locations throughout the southwestern Iberian Peninsula. The airport is only a short connecting flight from most major European cities including London and Manchester. It can also be reached via connecting flights from other destinations in Europe and North America. The airport is the third busiest in the country. The facility is serviced by a wide number of top brand airlines that offer many options for cheap flights to Faro airport, including airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa and Scandinavian Airlines. If you are wanting to find the best deals on cheap flights to Faro airport, your best bet is to use one of more reputable flight booking websites to compare fares as they are constantly changing from season to season.

The airport is located about five miles east of the city of Faro. Here you will find an abundance of museums, parks, attractions and of course some of the best hotels in Algarve. The best way to get around is to take advantage of our Faro airport taxis that can take you to any destination in the Algarve and the drivers will wait for you in the arrivals section at Faro airport. The drivers of these Faro airport taxis are friendly, know how to best get to all  hotels in Algarve, and speak fluent English. They are always ready to be helpful with advice, information, or just a pleasant chat.

All in all, Faro airport is a true pleasure to fly into and out of. It is a classic airport that offers just the right level of comfort and convenience for those using it without being massive, or feeling overstuffed. It is an easy to navigate and friendly airport that invites you in and sets the tone for the rest of your stay in the Algarve region. Have fun in Portugal!

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