Carvoeiro Algarve Attractions

Carvoeiro Algarve Attractions

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Those looking for beautiful beaches, attractive nightlife, and long, sandy walks should give Carvoeiro a try. This town, located in the Algarve municipality in Portugal, has a population of fewer than 3,000 people. Nonetheless, it has grown to hold a respectable fame due to its rich offering.

Traveling Arrangements

So, what kind of hotels in Algarve can you expect? Are there airport taxis to Carvoeiro and flights to Faro airport, the main airport of this municipality?


As those traveling to Carvoeiro plan their trip, the first thing to cross-off the list is a plane ticket. Using online platforms for quick research, you can find a flight route from nearly any part of the UK to Faro Airport. Leaving from Machester, London, Belfast, Birmingham, or Bristol is possible. By utilizing online offers and promotions, you could find yourself in a plane seat, for a return flight, under £200. Over 30 flights leave for Faro every day, so making arrangements is just a matter of research, and doing a well-rounded planning can make finding cheap flights to Faro airport extremely accessible.

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Hotel arrangements vary depending on the number of stars, rooms, and nights that you are looking for. Many 4-star hotels will offer accommodations that include breakfast, indoor/outdoor pools, spa, and a lot of other complementary goods, which a price of around £40-£100 per night will cover. Examples include Carvoeiro and Carvoeiro Sol Hotel on the lower end and places like Tivoli Carvoeiro on the higher end. Thus, it is possible to find hotels in Algarve that fit almost everyone’s needs.


Lastly, after booking your travel and accommodations, you will need to find a way to get from Faro airport to Carvoeiro. This 65-kilometer drive can be an extension of your arrangement. Taking advantage of airport taxis to Carvoeiro will be the best course of action. Furthermore, jumping off the plane into a car that will take you right outside of lobby of your hotel sounds like a convenient way to get around! This service can be ordered on our website, making the reservation process a whole lot easier.

After Arriving

Now that you have checked in with your hotel, what is there to do? Due to all the Carvoeiro Algarve attractions, a better question would be “What is there not to do?”

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Praia do Carvalho

Seated in between incredible, sand-colored rocks, this beach is a perfect place to start off your trip. Crystal-clear water, which gets warm fast as a consequence of high temperatures, is probably the most notable location for tourists. Some other beaches worth visiting are the Carvoeiro and the Vale de Centeanes Beach. Ultimately, those of you who are fierce swimmers are already set for success!

Boat Tours

If you prefer staying out of the water and sightseeing, boat tours are the answer. This enables you to visit all the places mentioned above, and some more. On top of the attractive beaches and wavy rides, caves that the area hides are opened to you. This means that all those secrets hidden behind the high rocks can be revealed.

Night Life

Live music, good food, and unique drinks will further amplify your enjoyment. Some of the most famous Carvoeiro Algarve attractions include their bars and restaurants. Cocktail Garden, Jailhouse Bar, Albatroz Jazz & Blues Bar and the Atlantic View Restaurant are merely a glance of all the places coming alive at night.

So, the main question that arises is not why should one visit Carvoeiro but when should they do so!

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