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Discover The History Of Algarve

When one looks for a holiday destination, one often looks for a few things, such as beautiful beaches, good food, friendly people, and a location with a rich local history. When it comes to the Algarve, Portugal, you can check all of the above. Many people who visit the region appreciate the lovely hotels in Algarve, the low-priced flights to Faro airport, and of course, the myriad of things to do.

If you are visiting the Algarve for its rich history, you are in luck. To help you discover the history of Algarve, we have compiled some of the highlights of this region and its background.

Algarve used to be a highly popular trade route in the 1500’s. It’s full of beautiful churches from the 16th century because King Manuel I was highly interested in intricate architecture which is evident in the religious buildings that you’ll find in the Algarve region.

The region was invaded by various people around 1086 BC, from the Celtics to the Arabs, it’s no wonder that this area of Portugal is quite interesting and unique.

Because of its southern location, the Algarve received a lot of visitors (or invaders) over the years. France and Spain tried to make this region their own, but fortunately, Portugal was a proud and stable defender.

Of course, Algarve’s interesting history means that there are plenty of unique historical sites to visit in the region. While you are there, after having arrived using  flights to Faro airport, you should take the time to see as many historical sites as you can. As with many countries in Europe, many places date back to centuries ago and are worth a visit. Check them out:

– Visit Silves, which used to be the capital of Algarve. There, you will see an abundance of Moorish style architecture.

– Visit the Church of Santo Antonio which was built in 1715. The interior design is incredibly gorgeous with its blue tiles and paintings by Joaquim Rasquinho.

– Visit the Milreu Ruins which were a part of a Roman Villa during the Roman occupation.

– Make the city of Faro a stop during your trip to the Algarve, it’s full of historical sites to see that date back to the 18th century. You will want to make sure to make plenty of time for your visit as it is full of iconic sites to see.

– Don’t forget to check out Albufeira old town while in the Algarve. You will find plenty of remnants from the times when Romans and Arabs invaded the region.

If you plan on getting away from the UK for a bit and want to go to a destination that is rich in many things, including culture and history, you may discover that going to the Algarve is a great idea. From the great hotels in Algarve to the Faro airport taxis and the flights to Faro airport, a trip to discover the history of Algarve will be an affordable, comfortable and interesting experience.

It’s the perfect destination for anyone who loves unique and lavish architecture, as well as places that are rich in historical sites that will captivate and impress you. With the easy-to-book Faro airport taxis and affordable flights, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting Portugal for your next holiday.

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