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Faro Portugal Beaches

The Faro Portugal Beaches are so beautiful they have the “WoW” factor when you see them. The beaches are living postcards ready for you to enjoy. Faro airport taxis can whisk you to your hotel and then drive you to one of the breathtaking beaches if you wish.

You can schedule your visits according to your preference in the weather. The Faro Portugal Beaches have weather that tops in the summer at 30 to 35Celsius. Spring through Autumn is a little cooler with top temperatures of 20 to 25 Celsius. The winter weather is cooler with top temperatures at 15 to 20 Celsius during the day, at night time the temperatures may fall to 10 Celcius.

Ilha de Faro or Faro Beach

The 3 Star Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto is 2.2 miles from Faro Beach, with parking located behind near the beach. The promenade has a paved walkway to lead you to the beach. The beach is supervised and classified as an Accessible Beach.
* This narrow strip beautiful of golden sand has restaurants, bars, and shops for your convenience.
* Enjoy the windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing and other sports.
* Take the Ferry from June to the end of September to Faro Beach leaving the Porta Nova Pier.
* You can stroll along the Seafaring side of the island or play in the Lagoon.

Island Beaches of Faro called “ilhas” or “sandpits”

Come on and sign up to take a trip on the Ferry to Ilha da Barreta also known as Ilha Deserta. This stunning beach can only be reached by Ferry from the Porta Nova Pier Faro.

Take the 30 to 35 minute trip through the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve and relax. The price of the return ticket is about 10€. Keep in mind that the Ferries are run by different companies when buying your return ticket. The hotels in Algarve have staff that can assist you with finding the 24-hour water taxis to travel to the beaches.

It’s wise to make a reservation for the only restaurant on the beach called Restaurante O Estaminé. They serve Algarvian, Ria Formosa, and Atlantic cuisine using the local seafood and Octopus, Cuttlefish, Clams, and the produce that is seasonal.
* There are no inhabitants on this beach.
* Beach offers some seclusion.
* You can rent a Sunbed or you can bring your own. Don’t forget the sun block to stay on the safe side, while you relax.

Ilha da Culatra

Tourists take day trips to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds on the mainland. There are cheap flights to Faro airport to bring you to Portugal and you will discover how tasty the food and drink is on the island and then explore your new surroundings.
* The water is crystal clear for snorkeling and diving.
* The hiking paths are easy to navigate and some are made of wood.
* Explore the island by hiking and enjoying the clean and fresh air. The wildlife and the variety of fauna are amazing.

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