Hotels In Algarve

Hotels In Algarve

Hotels In Algarve

Hotels In Algarve

This post about Algarve hotels will be constantly edited and updated with new hotels and related information. We will organize the Algarve hotels by location and provide suitable options to fit every budget and hotel type. The Algarve has hundreds of hotels to choose from ranging from luxurious 5 star hotels with stunning sea views, health & wellness spas or even challenging golf courses, to large scale mass tourism orientated all inclusive hotel resorts that literally serve thousands of tourists who visit the Algarve in the Summer season.




We have also provided a hotel booking system to help you locate a hotel in the Algarve and conveniently book your next stay in Portugal. Faro Airport Taxis will wait for you at Faro airport and comfortably transport you and your family to any location displayed by the Algarve hotel booking system and pick you up once you are ready to depart. Make sure you try various dates as the cost of hotels stays in the Algarve varies tremendously on a seasonal basis, where prices increase in the Summer months and decrease in the Winter.


Hotels in Albufeira

Hotels In Albufeira


Albufeira is one of the largest cities in the Algarve with possibly the largest amount of tourists who mostly visit it in the Summer. Albufeira is well known for a very active nightlife and the dream playground for younger generations who are known to party till the Sun comes up.  Albufeira has a very large number of hotels and choice is not a problem as their are hotels to fit every budget. There is so much to do in Albufeira, you will be wise to plan ahead to make every minute of your next holiday count. Families will love to visit water parks and shows, go on boat tours to see caves only accessible from the ocean, kayaking, horseback riding, dolphin watching, scuba diving and much more. Here is our list of hotels in Albufeira, visit any link to check for availability:

This list of hotels in Albufeira is the result of our research and we are confident that if you book at one of these hotels, you are very likely to be very satisfied with the high quality of the services provided. These hotels maintain excellent infrastructures, qualified professional staff that deliver world class hotel services that are on par with recognized international standards. The best way to reach Albufeira, is too book your airport taxis ahead of time with Faro Airport Taxis as we provide taxis from Faro airport to Albufeira.




When you visit Albufeira, make sure you hire a car to have some freedom of movement as there are many different locations you may want to visit after a few days and a car will be necessary. If driving in Portugal is not in your plans, you can always call us to arrange transfer services to any location in the Algarve. We provide golf taxis to any golf course in the Algarve, waterpark taxis and can transport very large groups if that is what you require.

Hotels in Alvor

Hotels In Alvor


Alvor is a small fishing village in Algarve region in Portugal with an official population of around six thousand people, seeing that number skyrocket in the Summer time by having thousands of tourists arrive to enjoy the unique offerings this town has consistently delivered throughout the years. There are under ten hotels in Alvor and various apartment facilities that provide services that are similar to those provided by hotels. Here is a list of Hotels in Alvor:


Alvor has been developing itself in to a world class travel destination in the last 30 years, having seen its commercial offerings and basic infrastructure develop to accommodate the growing number of tourists who seek it, to enjoy unique food experiences, stunning views and a population of local residents who give Alvor its unique character and ambience. The friendly laid-back nature of the local population who mostly make their living working for the hospitality and fishing industries distinguishes them from most towns in Algarve, because they have throughout the years, managed to keep their town genuine and truly Portuguese both in appearance and character. Alvor is a town run by families for families.




If you enjoy water sports, there are various companies that will rent out and provide instruction for surfing, windsurfing, para-surfing, jet-skiing, paddleboarding, etc.. Alvor is also home to an entertaining nightlife where you can enjoy a wide variety of pubs, bars and restaurants providing live music both current and traditional like Fado for example, there are also various karaokee bars and more alternative options where you can enjoy, Brazilian, Jazz and other live small-scale events. Getting to Alvor is as easy as booking a private airport transfer from Faro airport to Alvor.

Hotels in Lagos

Hotels In Lagos


Lagos is located about 80 KM from Faro airport in western Algarve and is a popular destination with a lively nightlife and it’s own port. Lagos enjoys a long coastline with many kilometers of beaches that are great for long walks, water sports and fishing like Meia Praia, Praia Dona Ana, Camilo Beach, Porto de Mos and others. When you first arrive at the centre of this traditional town and walk around, you will find narrow roads with many bars, restaurants and local commerce selling everything from clothing to fresh vegetables. Lagos also has a wide variety of hotels to suit various budgets, here is our current list of hotels in Lagos.


When you visit Lagos, make sure you engage in activities such as boat trips, water sports and if you play golf, you will be in for a treat as stunning golf courses await you at Palmares, Boavista, Santo Antonio and Espiche golf courses.




Praia da Luz is a short drive away from the centre of Lagos and is a great location to visit if you would like a break from the busy streets of Lagos in the Summer time, make sure you enjoy fish based meals as Praia da Luz has some interesting traditional Portuguese restaurants that regularly serve freshly fished, mouth watering delicacies. Getting to Lagos from Faro airport is as easy as booking your airport taxis from Faro airport to Lagos with Faro Airport Taxis.


Hotels In Praia Da Rocha

Hotels In Praia Da Rocha


Praia da Rocha has become a year long destination for travelers who choose to get away from the rain and snow in the winter, to enjoy the warmer temperatures the Algarve region in Portugal has to offer. It should not surprise anyone, to see travelers from all over the world choose Praia da Rocha as their winter destination. When in the past, 80% of winter time visitors were from the U.K., we now meet people from many other countries regularly. There are many hotels in Praia da Rocha and various apartment facilities that provide services that are similar to those provided by hotels. Here is a list of Hotels in Praia Da Rocha:


There are currently increased amounts of travelers from France, Spain and Canada who arrive for long term visits. Staying up to 3 months in the Algarve, there are many ways to remain active and enjoy the local environment. Taking long walks on the beach, fishing, sailing and other activities are memorable.




The Algarve and Praia da Rocha will continue to grow, as more and more travelers discover this hidden gem. Getting to Praia da Rocha is as easy as booking a private airport transfer from Faro airport to Praia da Rocha. Don’t forget to check back soon as we will be adding more hotels to this Algarve Hotels Blog post.

Hotels in Vilamoura

Hotels In Vilamoura


Vilamoua is possibly the most expensive location in the entire Algarve region. It is also home to the Roman ruins of Cerro da Villa. There are two beaches where many professional football players, movie stars, politicians and golf pros who choose Vilamoura for holidays. The marina located in the centre of Vilamoura is the heart of this resort that also has six golf courses, various night clubs an international casino and there are excellent hotels in Vilamoura. Vilamoura is only 30KM from Faro airport, so book your airport taxis to Vilamoura after you book your hotel stay.




Many hotels have not been included in this post but can be found by using the search forms provided. If you feel that we have not included one of your favorite hotels in Algarve and you would like to see it included in this post, please contact us and we will certainly consider adding it to the appropriate location. The hotels included in these lists have been researched and added based on customer reviews found on various websites. Awards won by hotels and  how beautifully built they are have also been deciding factors for inclusion.


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