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Safe Holidays In Algarve, Portugal

Whether it is spring, summer or winter it’s time to make your way to Algarve, Portugal for a vibrant voyage. This place will blow you away with its enchanted culture and richness in atmosphere. This area of Portugal sits along the southern coastline and is an attraction for many tourists in the United Kingdom or worldwide. This place will charm you with its beautiful golden cliffs, white sandy beaches and seafood restaurants and markets. This southern region welcomes many tourists especially if you like to travel on a budget. You will find cheap flights to faro airport using airlines from British Airways, Easy Jet or Norwegian Airway. Faro is the capital of the southern Portugal region. Enjoy safe holidays in Algarve and check yourself into some of the hotels with breathtaking views to optimize your stay. There are many hotels in Algarve to stay that is perfect for someone who is travelling alone, with a friend or with a big family.

Culture, Hotels & Wondrous Adventures

You will fancy the desired cities that include impressive hotels in Algarve like the city of Albueira, Alvor and Vilamoua. Hotels in Albufeira which is one of the largest cities in the Algarve with a large amount of tourists who visit every summer. They are well known for an active nightlife and an array of water and white sand that will keep the younger generations partying till the sun comes up. You can go on boat tours to see caves, kayaking, horseback riding, scuba diving and dolphin watching.

Hotels in Alvor is a small and authentic fishing village in the Algarve region in Portugal. Here you can go on bike tours, skydiving, walk through famous monuments and churches and you can go on their spectacular golf courses. If you are a golf player you will be interested to know that Algarve has been voted several times as the best golf location and has won numerous international awards and prizes for this. This region of Portugal has around 40 golf courses lining the coast that are great for golf professionals or for someone still learning the sport.

Another great location for hotels in the southern Portugal region is in the city of Vilamoua. Now this is possibly the most expensive location in the entire region but if that is not a concern for you then you won’t be disappointed. This place is home of the Roman ruins of Cerro da Villa and two beaches where you might run into many European professional football players, politicians and golf pros who often choose Vilamoura for their holidays. So you may also enjoy safe holidays in Algarve like these guys do. You can have fun riding ATV & off-road tours, check out the ancient ruins, water skiing and jet skiing or you can enjoy the night life with the various night clubs they offer in this city.

Food Enthusiasts

Now on to the food for all the people who love trying foods from different countries to expand their taste pallet. The cuisine is mostly seafood and fresh fish that is either grilled or stewed. I understand that there are some folks that don’t like seafood and lucky for you they have more meat dishes the more inland you travel. The dish in this region comes from the freshest seafood and fish from the sea. They are served along with fresh regional vegetables and fruits. As a dessert they serve their meals with almond or fig cakes, almond paste in little fruit shapes, stuffed figs, cheeses and fig truffles. These sweets are often served with fig brandy or sharp tasting almond liqueur used as a digestive at the end of an astonishing meal.

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This region is a paradise for anyone travelling in a small group or big group. This region is ideal for people in the United Kingdom or for anyone across the world who just wants to get away for a weekend. If Algarve, Portugal isn’t on your bucket list yet it’s time to go ahead and add this in. Safe travels!

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