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Surfing In Algarve Portugal

While there are many exotic places in the world for surfing, one unexpected place that offers plenty of options for those who love to surf is Portugal. From the cheap flights to Faro airport and the Faro airport taxis to the luxury hotels in Algarve, a vacation spent surfing in Algarve Portugal is one that will be remembered for years to come.

Following are some reasons why you should surf in Algarve:

A myriad of options: There are several different beaches for surfing in the Algarve region, so if you are looking for variety and a fun-filled vacation, this area will not disappoint. You can choose from Beliche, Castelejo, Tonel, Praia de Faro, and Zavial are just some of the beaches where you will be able to catch great breaks and challenging waves.

The waves are worth it: While some locations may boast of being surf destination, they may often lack the surf to back up their claim. The great thing about Algarve is that because of its unique location and angle, it gets great swells on nearly any beach that you go to in the region.

You can go almost any time of the year: There are swells almost any time of the year for surfing in Algarve Portugal. While you can find waves that are big enough for those who like a good challenge, for the most part the best time to go is during the months from September to April or May.

The weather Is ideal in the Algarve region: One of the biggest factors in Algarve being a surf haven is that it doesn’t get too much rainfall and the weather tends to be quite pleasant throughout the year. For those who don’t like the idea of freezing while surfing or who want to be comfortable while doing it, the fact that the weather doesn’t get too crazy is a big attraction.

A favorite area: For those who want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the more commonly visited areas in Algarve, there is a favorite spot for those who just want to get lost in surfing and relaxing without worrying about anything else. Sagres is a very local and unique area where you can escape from the hordes of tourist and enjoy spending time out on the water just catching waves.

There are surf schools and camps: If you are new to surfing, you may be pleased to discover that you can have the option to learn how to surf. There are plenty of surf schools that are well-known for being great places for beginners to get started and what better place to start surfing at than at one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe?

Apart from being able to enjoy big waves and fun in the sun, Algarve, Portugal is a very unique and beautiful destination. It’s a place where you can find great seafood, lovely views, friendly people, luxury lodging, and there is always plenty to see and do.

Planning a trip to Algarve, Portugal from the UK is a great idea. It’s easy to get to with cheap flights to Faro airport and you can also find affordable Faro airport taxis. The hotels in Algarve are comfortable and accessible and you will be sure to not only have a great time surfing, but also a comfortable and unique holiday. Go ahead and grab your surf board or rent one while in the region—the waves are waiting for you!

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