Things to Do in Faro

Things to Do in Faro



Ok, you’re planning a trip to Faro, Portugal. You’ve booked your cheap flights to Faro airport and made your decision for which hotels in Algarve you plan to stay at. Now, it’s time to reserve your hotel and your Faro airport taxis to get you there. If you and your entire family are planning a trip, it might be wise to use a taxi that will have enough space for your luggage.

Once you take a taxi from the airport to your hotel, you will be glad to know that Faro lies in the middle of the historical Algarve. Knowing this will surely give you great expectations from which to explore and this will be your opportunity to fully embrace all that Faro has to offer right from the start. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of these things to do in Faro.

Praia de Faro

If hitting the beach is the first on your list of things to do in Faro, then you will love the fact that there are many located all around the coastline. Many of these beaches are considered two-fold that help to create both protected lagoons as well as providing clear waters that allow people to bathe. One of the best beach areas is known as Praia de Faro. From the moment of landing in Faro, it is advised that you make your way to this quaint sand strip that is lined with many bars and cafes located down the road behind the airport.


Faro Algarve Portugal ilha barreta

The Cidade Velha

Once you go beneath the Arco da Vila, you will instantly be connected with the old city’s cobbled streets. With many architectural styles, these all resulted from either bombardment from the British or natural disasters such as earthquakes. As you look up you will instantly take notice of the many stork nests along the rooftops. Along the way, you’ll also come across a multitude of bars and cafes. Out of the many to choose from, the O Castelo would be the best choice to visit. Not only is it a great place to eat and drink but you’ll also be able to take in a great show in the courtyard.

The Sé de Faro

Also known as the Cathedral of Faro, it is known to be one of the city’s most important and historical buildings. It was originally a Roman temple, over time a Moorish mosque was build and in its place is now a Roman Catholic Cathedral. It now rests as a style known as Romanesque Gothic. As you view the inside you will instantly notice its Baroque organ on display. Then, as you climb to its view point you’ll be met by the many attractions that Faro has to offer.

The Municipal Museum of Faro

The Faro museum is definitely a visit that you will want to make after landing and hopping into one of our Faro airport taxis. Upon arriving you’ll instantly fall in love with the ocean mosaic that was created in the third century as well as the busts of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his Empress Agrippina. Not only do you receive a rich story from the museum, but it also portrays many present day works of art from twentieth-century artists.


Pousada e jardins de Estoi


So, no matter what type of trip you are planning, it is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time. This means that a great trip or holiday in Faro starts with an ample amount of planning. This usually starts with finding your flights to Faro airport and getting settled in any of the many hotels in Algarve.

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