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With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, you’ve been mulling over places you might want to go for an outstanding beach holiday. So, what will it be? A visit to a cultural landmark such as a castle or church steeped in history or do you want to just relax along vast stretches of a clean pristine beach? If you’re looking for a great mixed activity vacation, you won’t go wrong with a visit to Algarve. Located along Portugal’s southern coast, Algarve’s main tourist areas of Alvor and Portimao are popular sites for a great relaxing holiday.

Just stone’s throw from Faro airport, Portimao Algarve offers tourists a multitude of things to do. The area is popular due to it the clean white fine sand beaches of Alvor and Praia Da Rocha where travelers will discover a relaxed laid back atmosphere where the word ‘Ah’ isn’t just a word, it’s an experience. So read on to discover why a visit to Algarve should be on your list for your next holiday adventure.

Water Sports

Because Portimao Algarve is located on along the southern Portugal coast, water sports adventure such as jet skiing and sailing are available in abundance. Area visitors who enjoy being on the water will be sure to get a kick out of riding along on a sailboat as they drink in the views of Alvor and its nearby estuary where amazing sea life viewings of seals and other marine life will be in abundance. But, that’s not the only water sport to be had along the shores of Portimao. There are also great opportunities for visitors to experience first-hand viewings of sunken ships off the coast during their own snorkeling and diving adventure that is sure to make their visit a once and a lifetime experience.

Old World Culture

A visit to Portimao Algarve isn’t’ just about an amazing beach vacation, it’s a place where a traveler can and does take a step time in time. Ancient burial mounds can be viewed at Monumentos Megaliticas de Alcalar, this pre-historic burial site takes visitors back in time to consider days gone by. There are also amazing chances to view classic 500-year old architecture in area churches such as the Church of Misericordia of Alvor where visitors are allowed to take the time to reflect on their surroundings in a peaceful environment that recalls a bygone past.

Clean Outdoor Spaces

Algarve has something for visitors seeking to learn more about the area’s history while giving families at great day out at Alvor castle. The quiet quaint gem boasts a playground and park hidden near the remains of a former area castle that allows families with children to experience a great day out on a historic area site. There are also hidden gems such as wine tasting vineyards that truly need to be seen to be believed.

Hotels In Algarve

Hotels in Algarve are some of the best and well-maintained in the world. There are ample opportunities to discover world-class resorts, spas, and apartments that can suit any budget or taste. Hotels in Algarve aren’t just places to stay, they are places where visitors can relax and unwind whether they’re in a five-star resort or self-catering accommodation. Hotels consistently receive high marks for quality, cleanliness, and food plus quality customer service making them great places to rest up for another day’s adventure.

A visit to Algarve and Portimao aren’t just relaxing beach holidays, these wonderful scenic Portugal gems offer relaxation and adventure along pristine ocean ways, cultural historic sites and clean sandy beaches that need to be seen to be believed. Cheap flights to Faro airport operating daily to help you reach your Algarve holiday. There’s always a smile in Portugal, you owe it to yourself to experience the beauty of Portugal’s southern coast in a place where your imagination will truly take flight and the weather is sunny.

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